The C19 Project is a volunteer-driven hub of resources for building up media projects that cover the COVID-19 pandemic, and the world's response.
We are building a curated database of news articles, video, and images so that journalists, writers, and filmmakers can have a starting point for answering questions about the pandemic.

Up for Analysis

What are volunteers, businesses, and individuals doing to address the crisis?
Which government actions were the most reasonable, and which were counter productive?
Which rules slowed vital action at the time of crisis?
How has daily life been changed, even after the crisis is over?
What can we do differently in the future?


Our primary goals are to produce a documentary film highlighting the untold story of the crisis, and provide an objective resource library which can contribute to the development of other media such as books or albums.
We want to highlight the many actions that are not covered by mainstream media and demonstrate the kinds of personalities that emerge in a crisis. This will help create a broader picture of what was happening so that we can understand just what it was that happened during the C-19 Pandemic.

Who we are looking for


We are looking for volunteers to collect interesting and/or useful leads from news media, social media, research, and reports. If you have a healthy skepticism that leads to finding factual and interesting events, we would love to have you!

Media Producers

In addition to gathering resources, we are also glad to work with people who are looking to make written or film content to cover the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help people see the full story, from official to individual actions, along with many of the interesting innovations by companies trying to adjust production to meet crisis needs.


This site is built on the Volunteer Center project, and we need  developers to help with developing features! We are looking for both Drupal developers, and frontend HTML, CSS, and design help.

The C19 Project is a demonstration of the Volunteer Center software, which is under active development by Cerium Software LLC