About The C19 Project

C19 Website

The C19 Project began from an open source volunteer coordination project, Volunteer Center. This site started with a simple mission: Build a means to quickly organize a volunteer-driven media project.

The Archive

The C19 Project is an archive of curated content for the purposes of creating a "documentary website," and a means of understanding the COVID-19 pandemic and responses through the contributions of volunteers. We address three major themes:


At this time everyone is saying so much, and predicting so much. With this archive, we hope to build timelines of what was communicated, from official data to popular predictions.


Every substantial decision involves tradeoffs, and these tradeoffs can be in human, social, and monetary terms. We want to archive examples of the full cost of both the COVID-19 pandemic and of the responses. In future years, once cooler heads prevail, we can go back and look at the evidence concerning which choices truly were best.

Creativity & Cooperation

One of the truly interesting parts of life are the creative solutions and unexpected cooperation in the midst of crisis. Along with policy, we want to document how individual people came together in unique ways, to see if we can learn from and use these solutions in the future.


Cerium Software

We are a small team of developers specializing in building platforms for crowdsourced data entry, reporting, and volunteer coordination. We are passionate about growing the open source community by developing enabling technologies for nonprofits and research organizations. If you have a project that requires coordinating people and information, feel free to contact us with the project you have in mind.