Contribute Anonymously

We have received some questions about how to contribute to the C19 Project anonymously, and this page lists a few of the options a user can take to mask their identity:

  1. Do not use the Facebook login option, so that your account is not linked to your contributor account.
  2. In your user account settings (Account/Login Settings), uncheck "Enable user tracking" under Matomo Settings. This will unset analytics tracking. Alternatively, enable Do Not Track in your browser, as we have set our analytics engine to honor this.
  3. Use a throwaway email, such as those provided by Mailinator. Many options exist.
  4. The Opera Browser provides a free, built-in VPN for anonymous browsing. You may also be interested in ProtonVPN.
  5. When sharing content, do not make personally identifying statements.

Using these steps, you would disable all forms of tracking that we use. You may also read our Privacy Policy to better understand what data we do record, and how we use it (we do not sell any data).