Privacy Policy

Note: This policy is subject to change without notice.

What data we collect

Site Analytics

C19 Project uses Matomo Analytics to track user behavior. Your country, partially anonymized IP address (i.e. will be converted to, visited pages, and any system messages served to you.

User Profile

In your user profile, you may provide the following:

  • Screen Name
  • Email address
  • Phone Number

How we use your data

Site performance and debugging

Matomo tracking data is used to monitor site engagement and performance, along with error message reporting for debugging purposes. This information is used to develop the website and underlying software, and is also used to measure engagement with and its product pages.

Notifying you of opportunities

If we create new features within the C19 project, we may inform you of opportunities to contribute, or participate. To receive these communications, you must add an email address to your profile under "My Contact Information" on the My Dashboard page.

If an email is not listed, you will not receive emails from us concerning opportunities.

Interview Referrals

People with the right interest and skillset may be given the opportunity to interview others, or be interviewed by others. We do not give out your contact information for these purposes, unless you give us permission by going to "My Contact Information" on the "My Dashboard" page, and checking off volunteer interests that contain the words "Contact Me About."

If you opt-in to receive these messages

If we receive a request for volunteers, C19 Project will contact you with permission to share data with an interviewer. If you accept via email, your profile information (which may include name, phone number, email address, or physical address) will be shared with the interviewer. Your shared data would be subject to the interviewer's privacy policy upon sharing.

Controlling your data

You may control the usage of your data with the following actions:

  • You may control our communication with you by adding or removing an email address from your profile under "My Contact Information" on the My Dashboard page.
  • Your Matomo Analytics tracking may be controlled by going to the "Account/Login Settings" tab under My Dashboard, and checking or unchecking "Enable user tracking" under Matomo Settings.